Enterprise & Cloud Application

We support the business and processes of the customer, guaranteeing scalability and flexibility. We model business processes and later implement changes via a BPMN engine

Application Integration

We guarantee the flexibility of the information system of our customer and strive to reduce the time-to-market of all new processes and applications through the integration of different technologies and protocols in a SOA approach

Lean & Agile Coaching

We support our customers in the pragmatic and effective application of Agile and Lean methodologies, using our own experience in the analysis and re-engineering of business processes. Our customers also benefit from our own SmartFramework platform focused on Portfolio and Project Management

Mobile & Web Applications

We develop Mobile & Web Applications that optimize access to information and services on different devices, and we do so with User Experience at the front and center of our work

IT Operations

We maintain and guarantee the operations, the reliability and the efficiency of IT systems: the basis on which every company supports their innovation strategies

Social & Collaboration Platform

We develop platforms enabling a new way of working, handling data and communicating information inside and outside the organization. Some examples include:

  • social Sensing platforms to analyze Social Networks;
  • platforms focused on Live Environment Sensing to enable the active participation of society at large and allow for data processing that supports the interests of the community

H24 IT Support Services

Our 24/7 dispatch system quickly connects our customers to any of our Support & Maintenance offices in Australia, EU, USA, where different experts can tackle any problem and ensure there is no disruption to Operations. Most cases are resolved from remote through secure connections, but a field engineer can be dispatched to visit on-site