Automation, Sensors & Edge Devices

Design and prototyping of analogue and digital electronic boards/platforms, software development for near-field monitoring of sensors, actuators and IoT devices for different markets: industrial automation, rail, aerospace and automotive


Design and development of applications, middleware and device drivers on different types of microcontrollers with operating system real-time architecture and ARM Cortex or PowerPC. We are able to operate in mass production projects as well as in prototype design, and we have strong experience in safety and mission critical systems

Connected Products Design

We provide full support to the engineering process of prototypes through to production, certification and the integration into the IoT and Cloud Computing world

Field & Complex Programmable Electronics

Engineering of programmable logic on the major vendor platforms, with an approach specifically geared to safety and mission critical systems

Mechanical Engineering

Design and structural analysis in mechanical engineering, system engineering and integration and structural and functional testing activities for qualification and certification

Complete Embedded Systems And Test Equipment

We combine in our Technology Unit technological expertise in hardware, firmware, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), software and mechanics, and we are able to create complete electronic systems, either as a black-box or customizable by the customer, such as test equipment, diagnostic and detection systems and simulators. Our expertise in project management and product quality experience enables us to manage a project in its entirety

Hardware & Software Lab

We work on turnkey technology projects and cover the end to end project lifecycle leveraging our capabilities in hardware, software and firmware. Whitin the Electronic Lab we can manage all the ideation and testing phases of prototyping