True innovation happens with cross-pollination of different disciplines. To this aim, we host co-creation sessions with our customers in order to share problems, opportunities and solutions following the Business Canvass method

Big Data Tech

Data and its processing are the foundation for each one of our solutions. We can process all kinds of data, using all types of architectures from No-SQL to in-memory, massive parallel and scalability of processing in view of High Performance Computing (HPC)

Math Core

The ability to develop algorithms is a distinctive factor in creating value, and the same goes for the ability to select the «best mix» based on the specific case at hand. We work on all types of algorithms: from traditional statistical models to the latest Deep Learning, Network Analysis and Bayesian Behavioural Networks

Ux Tech

The last fundamental step is the optimal representation of the insight and information processed so far, ensuring the user remains in their own comfort zone at all times. We use User Experience methods and tools, also relying heavily on pre-attentive communication and design user interfaces that optimize productivity on the part of the user