IoT & embedded security

After due consideration of risk assessment and mitigation, we test and increase the security of connected vehicles, wearable devices, IoT systems and all sorts of sensors

Mobile security

The proliferation of mobile apps and platforms requires new methods and processes, not only to maintain an adequate security level on data and application, but also on the specific devices, whether corporate or personal (BYOD). We integrate the mobile systems in the infrastructure of our Customer in a secure and efficient manner

Cybersec assessment

We carry out the vulnerability assessments and penetration tests required to detail all risks pertaining to systems and application in an organization. We do so by communicating all details to our Customer and often providing training to enhance the effectiveness and timeliness of corrective actions

Critical infrastructure security

The identification of best practices and strategies best suited to prevent or mitigate the risk, to ensure the safety of services and critical systems. By adopting the best possible safety standards and defining the proper procedures, we are able to support the safety of critical infrastructure

Risk and compliance

The analysis, definition and implementation of processes and procedures related to the security of computer systems. We support our clients by adapting their procedures to regulations or laws or security policies (whether by government or by the market, contracts with other companies or international standard)

Forensic analysis and incident

We can either perform Incident Handling processes as a service or train and support our Customers’ Security Operating Centres. We also provide expert Forensic work and witnessing, both for civil and criminal cases

Intelligence services

The threat intelligence services focus on the analysis of the new cyber threat and constantly monitor the client infrastructures. The service is supported by an incident response team that works on a reverse engineering process of the malware, threat intelligence and discovery. The 24/7 dispatch system quickly connects our customers to any of our SOC offices in Australia, EU, USA

Antimalware lab

Our Malware Lab is a structure specifically designed for the analysis of the most advanced malware. Our analysts study and classify the most recent threats


Aramis® is a security network monitoring platform designed and developed by aizoOn, thanks to a multidisciplinary team skilled in cyber security, data mining and advanced analytics. Aramis® is an analysis tool bonding artificial intelligence to human intelligence: it allows analysts to track weak attack signals – it’s a force multiplier able to help you concentrate on important signs avoiding background noise.
Thanks to advanced machine learning skills and advanced cyber analytics Aramis® can monitor your network efficiently and let you access specific information when needed. Thanks to automatic analysis of weak signals, behavioural studies and results correlation through several intelligence sources, Aramis® is able to track and point anomalies within your systems with cognitive graphs